3 Ways To Choose A Safe Sardine Product

Recently, news spread from Indonesia that there are some canned sardine products containing worms in it. A video that had viral in social media showed the existence of a dead tapeworm in a sardine can. This, of course, makes sardine businessmen, including sardines suppliers, to be disturbed. The reason is that the consumers will be worried about the worms on canned sardine products so they will choose not to buy these products.

Consider Doing These Things Before Buying

There are at least 3 brands of canned sardines that are reported to be contaminated with worms. The worms are found dead. Based on laboratory tests, the case is concluded as a case of food contamination, since the worm has been around since the process of processing canned sardines, not the result of decaying or expired products. The sardines suppliers were asked to stop importing the product.

However, as a consumer, you need not worry. Consuming canned sardines is still categorized safe, provided you can choose the right product. Some things you can do in choosing a good canned sardine product you can see below.

  • Check the expiration date

This is fundamental in choosing food products, not just canned sardines. Make sure the product you purchased has not exceeded the expiry date.

  • Check the packaging

Check it out before buying. You have to choose the product that the packaging is still good such as the can form is still intact, not rusty, and so on.

  • Check the legality of the product

You can see it by finding the batch number of the product. The legally sold product should be safe to consume as it goes through several tests before it gets the distribution permit.

Thus, to get the best product of canned sardine, the consumers also play a vital role. People should not always blame the sardines suppliers if they, unfortunately, find a bad sardines product.