About Karly.

Karly began her journey into yoga nearly 2 decades ago. She first began yoga as a means of “stretching” for her marathons. As yoga does, ultimately “it got her” and she fell in love with the practice. Through her yoga practice, Karly knows that the lessons she learns on the mat directly translate into navigating life off of the mat. A mother of 3, Karly relies on her yoga practice to return to her breath, find balance, create strength and reconnect to her body.

Karly's journey through motherhood, pregnancy, delivery and all things after, has inspired her to create a movement to get every Mom physically and emotionally reconnected to their post baby bodies, to save all Mom's from "Mom jeans"and to get them looking and feeling great!  Her bodyshops "So My Body Had A Baby…. Now What?!" are supporting  women everywhere to realize their full post baby body and mind potential. These Mamas energetically, sexually and  aesthetically reconnect to themselves thus resulting in happy Mamas with great quality of life!

Karly has Bachelor of Science in Human Development from Arizona State University.  She completed her 200 hour Yoga works teacher certification in Boston with Natasha Rizopoulos and completed her 500 hour SmartFLOW Advanced Teaching Certificate with her teacher and mentor Annie Carpenter. Karly is now a certified SmartFLOW instructor.

Karly teaches a vigorous alignment based Vinyasa flow at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, CA.

In addition to her yoga certifications, Karly has over 2,000 hours of Power Pilates training and 300 hours of Lotte Berk Barre method training.