Best Coldplay’s Songs

As one of the most popular and beloved pop-rock bands in the world, Coldplay has many great songs throughout their career. Mp3 juice will remind you again that Coldplay is on another level in the music industry. They had their first hit song 18 years ago. You can listen to their songs all over the world. There are many important events features Coldplay’s songs.

Best Coldplay’s Songs

  • Paradise

Let’s start with one of the most epic songs that Coldplay ever wrote. This song comes from Coldplay’s album Mylo Xyloto. Many people can relate to this song since many people dream of their own paradise in this world. The story behind Paradise is also interesting. The lead singer, Chris Martin, write this song for a winner for the singing show. But he keeps it to himself and performs this song on the finale show of X Factor. This song became an international hit back in 2011.


  • The Scientist

One of the international breakup songs is The Scientist which was released in 2002. Long before mp3 juice exists on the internet, this song is super popular all over the world. One of the lead singles from A Rush of Blood to the Head album is written from regret. Just like the lyric said that you have the desire to start it all over again. The music video is also creative and beautiful. The Scientist also won Best Music Video with its unique way to deliver the story.


  • Yellow

Yellow was their first hit single which was released in 200. The title “Yellow” become a fuss since there is much interpretation of the title. Although Chris Martin already explains that he somewhat just came with the word “yellow” when he wrote the song, there are still many people who think it has hidden meaning. Yellow become the best song of the decade.

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