Carefully Choose Garden Furniture

Choosing teak garden outdoor furniture is easy. Not just any chair and table can be placed on the terrace, garden, gazebo, or under the pergola. If wrong, within a short time the table and chairs were damaged eroded weather. For tropical nature the weather is easy to change should be the consideration of the selection of basic materials furniture. Factor type of material is the most important to note for outdoor furniture. This type of material can determine whether or not we are doing maintenance. Chairs and tables made of iron as much as possible avoided given its easy to rust. Therefore, the treatment should be repainted within a certain period of time. Rattan should also not be placed on the terrace or home garden because rattan usually cannot stand the heat and rain continuously, it will usually look cracked.

Choosing The Best Teak Garden Outdoor Furniture

Among the best materials for outdoor furniture is teak wood, because of teak furniture in addition to looking more natural also more durable. This wood is not quickly damaged through the sun stung and rain. From the increasingly hardened nature despite exposed to water, teak is best suited to be chosen as furniture for outdoor materials. For timber, teak garden outdoor furniture is also very easy. Provided that the furniture is made of solid wood instead of wooden connection simply by using teak oil. On outdoor, seats, benches, and tables made of teak wood are generally able to survive up to eight years without porous.

Since the first teak wood is used as a material to make the house on stilts. Treating teak garden outdoor furniture is very different from that inside. The use of plitur, for example. Plitur commonly used for furniture to look more beautiful with the effect of the luster was not suitable for outdoor furniture. Giving plitur on outdoor furniture instead of beautifying, even more, likely to worsen.