Company Field Of Frozen Prawn Suppliers

Shrimp that have been frozen have a lot of advantages when compared with shrimp products in a normal package. This is because the shrimps that do this freezing will be spared from the growth of various kinds of microbial decomposition, with the process freezing which resulted in the shrimp are at extremely low temperatures cause the microbes will not be able to grow and multiply. Because now a lot of companies that provide processed food ingredients in the state of defender one of them is frozen shrimp.

Some Companies List As Frozen Prawn Suppliers

The first company to supply frozen shrimp was the Lola mina company, with its director and management of passwords and Ratna, which the company has had approximately 30 employees. The company is addressed on the new estuary roadblock N. Kav. 5/6 North Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, with the code of post 14440. Email company, a business category is in the field of a fishery, business status as a seller of this company as well as buyers, the commodity index is squid and shrimp, where squid and shrimp packed in a state of frozen and headless. Where for the price range adjusted with fluctuating, packaging using Styrofoam box, where this company buy commodities from the local market and then exported to Japan and the united states.

Companies that work or provide frozen shrimp are purwo windhu companies. With the director named samurai, this company has had approximately 20 employees. Companies that address in the way of VII sculpture number 27 Surabaya who has a province in east java with a business category is in the field of a fishery. The commodity is a dumbo shrimp that has a size of 1 arm, red color that has been 1.5 months old. Price range per tail reaches Rp. 60.000, packaging using the basket. The company that has been established since 2006 has cultivated its own shrimp and then distributed to various regions. That’s some suppliers for frozen shrimp. For more info can directly visit the following web