Dust Mites

Mites are the source of many problems at home. A warm human body will encourage mites to stay in the human body. Not only that, mites can also stay in pillows, foam mattresses or cotton. Types of mites are very numerous, about 45,000 species. The number is still uncertain because there are many other types that have not been known. Beds will usually absorb human sweat while asleep. Not only human sweat, blood and urine can make the mattress as a good place for bacteria. If your immune system is weakened, you will be susceptible to dust mite bites in the mattress. Mites are identical to spiders that love to eat the human dead skin.

Due To Dust Mite Bites

The disease that is often caused by mites is scabies. Scabies is a skin infection caused by a dust mite bites. The hallmark of this disease is irresistible itching. The disease is able to spread very quickly, in a way that contacts the skin with the skin. So, if any family member has a scabies infection, he is able to spread to all family members who live in the same house. The favorite food of the mites is the rest of the dead skin, so on the mattress or on the pillow will be a lot of dust left over the dead skin. The mouth is the body part that contains the most microorganisms. This microorganism is a supporter of the growth of mite’s populations in the mouth. Eyebrows are the favorite place of mites. They live in the pores of the eyebrows. Usually, mites stay in the forehead of the elderly. Dry foot conditions are a challenge to mites. Mites can live in the entire human body, wherever it is.

Therefore, often to maintain our body cleanliness to avoid the dangers of mites contained in dustmitebites.net. Maintain personal hygiene and change clothes regularly to help overcome the problem of the body due to mite attacks.