The Futuristic BMW M9

The futuristic car does not only stand for a car with good features. It also stands for a car which has an excellent and luxurious design. If you are looking for a modern and futuristic car, so you can try to find it from BMW. There are a lot of series which can be chosen for BMW cars. If you need a futuristic one, so you can try to get BMW M9. It has excellent both of design and performance. You cannot miss this car that has greater performance.

BMW M9 Power Engine

As the greater one, it has been rumored that BMW M9 will have engine modification from its predecessor. It will be built in 3 or 3.6 liters of twin-turbocharged. It must be the tremendous one since the M3 only has turbocharged while this M9 has double power. Moreover, this engine also can deliver enough power around 500 to 550 of horsepower. It must be the greatest one since it can went go up to 550 lb-ft of torque. Then, you can also find the 7 speed of duo clutch for its gearbox. As the best optional, there will be a higher model which use same petrol engine but in 1 to 2 electric motors. With this power, the engine can bring more output which is around 800 horsepower.

BMW M9 Interior And Exterior Design

The true concept of this new car is futuristic with elegance. There will be not too much accent for the interior design. It has been built as the minimalist look which still gets the futuristic vibe. Still, the seats will be covered by high-quality materials which are Alcantara leather and carbon fiber. Meanwhile, the body of BMW M9 will look more aggressive. It can be seen from its body design which stresses on the powerful look.