How To Get Rid Of Calluses With Home Remedy Using Bread

how to get rid of callusesMaybe you are familiar with the calluses but still wondering how to remove them permanently. No one ever wants to have a toughened area which makes us uncomfortable even sometimes painful. Calluses are not harmful, but not doing anything to treat them can lead to another skin problem, such as infections and irritations. Calluses commonly develop on our bottom feet. FYI, we can dump the ugly calluses by home remedy using natural ingredients. Find out how to get rid of calluses with bread in the next paragraph! Keep on reading.

Surprising Steps How To Get Rid Of Calluses With Bread

This might surprise you that bread – which generally featured on the breakfast menu along with orange juice, can works properly for calluses. The mixture of distilled vinegar and bread paste can amazingly turn into a powerful home remedy for calluses. These herbs have the ability to soften our skin thickening and prevent the infection to happen. Below are the steps how to get rid of calluses with bread:

  • Ingredients:
  • Bread
  • Bandage (the clean one)
  • A half cup of vinegar
  • Follow these steps:
  • Firstly, soak your feet in a basin of warm water for only a few minutes
  • Next, rub gently the toughened area with a pumice stone
  • Clean up your skin first while soaking a slice of bread into the distilled vinegar
  • Put the bread your callus
  • You can secure your feet with a tape or bandage to avoid the bread from falling
  • Leave it overnight
  • Rinse your feet the next morning just exactly after you wake up
  • Apply a moisturizer for better result
  • You can repeat this treatment every night to get the best result and remove calluses permanently

You need to note that calluses can occur because of the simple things such as wearing not proper shoes and not putting on socks. May the how to get rid of calluses with bread steps above help you.