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Tokyo, which is the capital city of Japan, is such a great destination for your holiday. When you go there, you have to make sure that you already make a list of some places that you have to visit. At least, you can get the information about those places from the travel guides of Tokyo city. Some places in Tokyo will impress you with its great culture and beautiful city. Then, do you want to know what places that you can find in the center of Tokyo city? Please, read the following paragraphs for more information.

Travel Guides To Tokyo, Japan

When you visit Tokyo, you cannot miss some places where you go there. For the example, you can go to Tsukiji Fish Market if you are curious about the market in Tokyo, Japan. This market is the largest market in Tokyo, Japan. So, it would be nice to visit this place. Besides that, if you are an otaku, it would be good to visit Akihabara, which is the district for electronic. At that place, you can find many otaku goods. For more information about this place, you can find it in your Tokyo travel guides book. Then, what are the other places to go in Tokyo?

Koishikawa Korakuen should be on your list. This is a beautiful garden where you can find in the next of Tokyo Dome. Tokyo Dome is one of the landscapes that you cannot forget as well. Then, Imperial Palace is the other place that you should visit once you are in Tokyo. This place will look so nice in every season, especially in autumn. You will find the beautiful red of maples everywhere near this palace. Then, Imperial East Gardens and Hama Rikyu are the other places that you cannot forget to visit too when you are in Tokyo. That is all the information about travel guides to Tokyo for you.