Laptops Under $100 For Your Needs

The best laptop does not always mean that it must be expensive with the completed features. The best laptop also means that it has enough feature for your needs. You do not need to get an expensive laptop if you did not need the features. Just find the best laptop which has features that you need. There are also various laptops under 100 which still has greatest features and performance. Affordable, cheap, inexpensive does not always mean that laptop does not have good performance. If you need a laptop in hurry, so here are the best one for you.

The Recommended Laptops Under $100 From Various Brand

In various computer brand, there are some laptops under 100 which still has the best features to use. If you are interested, here are the best recommendation for you:

  • Apple

If you prefer to get Apple laptop, but you still think that it is possible to have it with $100. So, you are wrong. There are some types of iBook and MacBook which are affordable which has a price under $100. For the best recommendation, you can choose Apple MacBook MB881LL/A, iBook M9165LL/A, and iBook G4.


  • Acer

Acer is one of the most popular ones. Moreover, it also has a price which is far affordable than Apple. If there are some types of iBook and MacBook which are under $100, so Acer also has the greatest offer for a laptop under $100. Acer Aspire One that has Intel Celeron processor is the best recommendation for Acer under $100.


  • Asus

Asus which is also familiar in many countries presents the best affordable laptop. Asus Transformer Mini T102HA which has Intel Atom can be your best choice. As like as its name, the size is mini which is easy to carry.

For more recommendation, you can visit There are a lot of recommendation of laptops under $100 for your needs.