Machu Picchu In Peru

UNESCO has announced seven wonders which contain valuable and historical values. Among them, South America is represented by one oldest ancestor’s history, Inca. In the 1400s, we all know that Inca built a block named Machu Picchu which represented the giant culture of this pre-Colombus tribes no matter would that means, in this superblock, they built a surrounding polished wall which has the main building as Sun temple. Rhey is their highest God so that they built a special temple to worship Him through his way. The lost treasure can be found in Peru where Inca live and built the culture time by time for instance.

What Is Interesting in Peru

In general, Machu Picchu is built in Highland. Naturally, it will offer beautiful scenery also. Bringing the concept of Fossil Mountain, the tradition of Inca has been stolen by many archaeologists who are interested to learn about the tribes. Yale University then delegated the PIC of gathering all the artifacts back to Machu Picchu no matter would that means.  When people want to see the city directly, they can start the journey by visiting Lima in Peru. After that, they can take a direct flight to Cusco region where Inca state this region as their territories. It is not easy to get the Machu Picchu as they travel Paris to see Eiffel tower or India for Taj Mahal. Limited access is available to hike the mountain as well.

Meanwhile, the government in Peru also establishes the access to ease the tourists to get Machu Picchu. Besides building some train and railways, basically, they also can get the destination by riding the bus. After spending hours, all tourists will be amazed by the natural beauty of the landmark. It offers lots of historical values that people cannot find the duplication nowhere. Machu Picchu truly tells public about the giant culture Inca tribes have during that period.