Maintain Health in The Rainy Season

Lots of factors that affect one’s health one of them is a natural factor. As we know that sometimes in every season has its own characteristics and the easiest to remember is that certain seasons carry a particular disease. No exception the rainy season, during the rainy season a lot of diseases – diseases that spread like flu, cough, and others. Diseases – the disease when attacking humans can cause decreased immunity so that humans are easily attacked by other diseases. So, it is necessary for everyone to maintain their health, especially during the rainy season.

Tips to Maintain Health During the Rainy Season

Things everyone should notice in the rainy season:

  • Exit the house as necessary

During the rainy season, the virus – the virus that causes the disease will be very easily carried by the rainwater, causing the spread of the virus more evenly. Reducing direct contact with rainwater can reduce the risk for us to catch a virus carried by rainwater. Therefore, during the rainy season, we should just go outdoors when it is necessary.

Maintain sleep patterns

As has been known that sleep is a very important thing to rest the body. During the rainy season, sometimes we are hard to sleep because of the cold weather. It is not because of volition, but it is the weather that forces us to delay sleep. This is where we are tested to be able to sleep right on time. Because adequate sleep will keep the body healthy.

  • Always keep clean

Viruses and bacteria are very easy to carry and spread during the rainy season. And anchovy – the bacteria that cause disease is very easy to breed when the atmosphere is moist. So, keeping the personal hygiene and shelter is a very important thing to do so that we are free from germs and diseases.