Maintaining Shrimp For Avoiding Diseases

Some freshwater shrimp diseases are often found in the field can be caused by viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal pathogens. Diseases are generally defined as abnormalities to the function of some or all of the body’s organs due to the disturbance non-infectious diseases from water, food, etc. and infectious diseases that are caused by organisms or pathogens. The attack of disease to the shrimp can decrease the quality of the shrimp for suppliers, which will make the further impact of decreasing the profit. It is certainly very annoying and can disturb the business stability. So that, some attempts against and avoid these diseases is necessary.

How To Maintain Freshwater Shrimp To Avoid Diseases

  1. Washing pond bottom for 2 times by way of pouring or by way of filling ponds to a height of 30 cm, then left overnight after it was thrown out. The second washing is intended to remove the first waste remnants that have not been wasted.
  2. Using a closed system, semi-closed system and recirculation to prevent the entry of external disease agents. The use of equipment such as shrimp sampling, feeding places, etc., should be separated for each pond plot.
  3. Using biological filters and reservoirs for freshwater.
  4. Preventing from wild animals that can act as a carrier of diseases to freshwater shrimp.
  5. Water from ponds, especially from ponds affected by the epidemic must be disinfected first before disposal, as to not contaminate and prevent the spread of disease to the surrounding environment.

Otherwise, the health improvement of shrimp is necessary to give, like giving supplements of vitamin C and astaxanthin in the diet to improve shrimp resistance to disease, and immunization by giving the vaccine to boost immune, so shrimp will be more resistant to disease attack and improve shrimp survival. All of the attempts is done in order to maintain the business from declining. Then, any information on freshwater shrimp topic can be found if you click