New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018

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In early 2018, Mitsubishi planned to release the brand new design of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018. This SUV car will be planned to go on sale in early 2018, January to be exact. These cars will have a lot of amazing improvements, as well as a lot of changes from the older Mitsubishi Eclipse version. The major improvements of this car are including the striking new outer design, as well as interior design, amazing features such as Apple car play, and also Android Auto inside this car is available. All-wheel drive that enhances your steering experiences, and there are many more. Well, Mitsubishi planned to release the brand new Mitsubishi Eclipse to compete well with their rivals such as Mercedes and Toyota. This car has reveled in many auto websites, including the official Mitsubishi website, and it already done its public show in September 2017. Now, here are some specs, performances, and features review of this amazing car.

Now, Here Are The Specs, Performances, And Features Of These Amazing Cars

Mitsubishi stated, that this is the resurrected version of Mitsubishi Eclipse, with lot improvements, changes, and also upgrade, and this car planned to compete with its rival Nissan Qashqai. Since these cars are SUV car, the most important things from SUV is the interior features to maximize the comfort of the family car. It had an elegant black pared-back design, boasting its new infotainment system, this car also mounted with slick, cool and elegant center console. Not to mention, that this car also supports Android Auto and also Apple Car Play that will enhance your driving experiences.

The brand new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is already show off in public. If you live in major cities, then maybe you have already seen this car once or twice. This car will be released worldwide and go on sale in very early of 2018. The standard models of this car will cost you for 19,000 euro, while the upgraded one will cost you for 30,000 euro. Want more amazing car reviews? visit us at and follow us for more updates.