Popular Place To Ride Elephant

What is the most popular place to ride an elephant? The answer will be Bali Island. This island does not only have beautiful beaches but also the best place to ride elephants. The best place to ride elephants in Bali is located in the unspoiled village. This place is suitable for elephants to live. Ride an elephant is once in a lifetime experience. Since you will go to the unspoiled village, you will see many breathtaking sceneries such as Bali rice paddies, unpolluted river, tropical forest, and other things that you can see only in the village. You will also meet local animals by taking this ride.

Best Place To Ride Elephants In Bali

There is an elephant ride tour which held in the best place to ride elephants in Bali. The place is located in a small village named Buangga. If you take this tour, you will ride an elephant and pass the temple. You can also learn the daily life of local people there through riding an elephant. The tour will go to a valley so you can get beautiful from up there. After you return to the camp, you can enjoy Balinese delicious cuisine and young coconut ice. The elephant that you will ride is a Sumatran elephant. Don’t worry, there is certified safety equipment during your riding.

Bakas Village in Klungkung Regency also offers elephant riding. The place is located near to Bakas Rafting which is another popular activity in Bali. The tour will be a 30 minutes’ elephant ride. You will see the exotic view of the village. Not to mention that the natural scenery there is incredible as well. Green Valley, fresh air, rice paddies, river, and the sound of bird will make you enjoy your day in the best place to ride elephants in Bali. The tour will be one of the most amazing memories of your life.