Protein and Fruits in the Morning

In some countries, the most people there still cannot accept the habit to eat fruit in the morning. They have a specific reason why they do not like to eat fruits in the morning. One of the reason is the fruit will make stomachache and diarrhea. Ok, the diarrhea thing may be different from stomachache. It is true sometimes to have stomachache if you eat some kind of fruits without eating anything before in the morning. See more discussion below.

The Good Things about Eating More Fruits and Protein in the Morning

Maybe there are several fruits that will make the people with such different stomach conditions hurt. The fruits such as lemon or oranges maybe not good for those people or even for the morning consumption. However, you can still eat apple or bananas. They are good and healthy. Don’t you believe that? Protein is the same. You need it much in the morning for energy. However, most people in some countries will prefer carbs than protein. See the good things about eating fruits and protein as follow:

  1. Just like I said before, eating such kind of fruits such as apple or banana will be very good for your health in the morning. For specific reason such as diet for losing weight; having apple and banana after exercise will be very good.
  2. Then, eating more protein before your exercise begins also will give you the energy to do your physical activities. It is ok to only drink a milkshake or boiled egg before you do exercise.
  3. If you have diet program for the healthy purpose; it is so good to have protein and fruits in the morning as long as you know the rules based on your body condition.

That‘s it. Maybe you will love to have the fresh banana from your fridge every day if you get used to it. Try it and you will feel better day by day.