A Self Help for Dealing with Depression

Depression is not a simple thing. You may think everyone has their own depression. It can be true or false. One thing that must be highlighted is depression is not easy to cure. In certain case, depression leads to death. That is why depression is one of the most dangerous illness. For the first thing to do when you get depression is asking a help. You can ask help from your best friends and family. If they cannot help you, so you have to meet a professional. After that, you can get better treatment to overcome your condition. Actually, you can also do self-help for your depression.

A Guideline to Deal with Depression

You need others to help you. However, you still can count on yourself to solve your depression. Here are some ways to deal with your depression:

  1. Look for Therapy

For better condition, you have to take some therapies. It will not only to heal your depression, but it will also reveal the underlying causes and other symptoms of depression.

  1. Don’t Take Alcohol and Drugs

If you ever feel that alcohol and drug made you better, so you are on the wrong path. In fact, alcohol and drugs will make your depression even get worst. It happens since the antidepressant will not make a good match with alcohol and drugs.

  1. Get Exercise

In recent research, it has been found that physical activity will help you to relieve or reduce any symptoms of depression. You can also make a friend by doing exercise at a public place.

  1. Get A Journal

Write a journal seems old fashion. However, it is effective to make your condition better. By writing one you have done each day, you can reread them all when you are feeling at ease and think that you did better than others.