Types Of Carrageenan With High Nutrition

You might already know what carrageenan is and still learn more about it. Actually, this is the product of extracting red seaweed. Usually, the red seaweed that is being extracted, change into sodium salt (EU). This type of seaweed product is usually the divided into three types or structures. Each type will have some differences from another. So, it would be better to know about each type, if you want to learn about the different structure of this seaweed extract that you can find. Do you want to know more about each structure? Please, read the following paragraphs for more information about it.

Types Of Carrageenan Structures

  • Kappa Carrageenan is the first structure that you can find as the form of seaweed extract. In this structure, you will get the stronger gel and it is an almost infirm condition. Besides that, the content of the potassium ions in the Kappa structure is brittle.
  • Iota is the next type of seaweed extract’s structure. Different with kappa, iota will form the gel by using the freeze-thaw stability. The gel that is formed by iota usually breakable. In the using for the foods, it can be used in the soy milk and also salad dressings (EU).
  • Lambda is the third type of seaweed extract’s structure. This type of seaweed extract has different characteristics with the two previous structures. The lambda is usually used in the beverage. Something like syrups, salad dressing, tomato sauce and also the other creamy texture.

Those are the simple explanation about the three structures of this product. Make sure that you learn about each structure if you work in that kind of field. For more information about carrageenan and about how to order this product, you can get your information from https://www.indonesiacarrageenansuppliers.com. That is all the information for you.