West Papua And It’s Traditional

Many places have the own traditional like when you come to West Papua. Papuan as the home of many inhabitants such as plants and animals, people who stay in this place also still keep their tradition and culture because it will make their traditional is keep and still exist although many modern things come and infected many people in Papua. To keep the tradition is a must for many people because the tradition is a heritage that must be a guard and will never be extinct, the same as people do in Papua.

Come To See Traditional In West Papua

If you come to this west Papua for a holiday, you come in the best spot because, in this Papua Island, you can learn about the traditional things from Papua. The first is a traditional house in Papua that called Mod Aki Kasa House. It is one of the traditional houses that still are used for many Papuan when they try to build a house to stay. This famous house also called Honai house that is made from wood and bamboo which is made well so it can be used as the place to stay.

Papua also have its own traditional dance, the most famous traditional dance in this place is a war dance. War dance is a symbol that Papuan has the spirit to fight to keep their land. They have their heroism and valor to make Papuan still alive until now. The other about the traditional dance is the dance called Saunggi dance that tell us about the story of a wife who was died because of the victim. Both of the dances are danced in special occasion, so you are lucky to see this dance when you come here. The other traditional part in Papua can be look in westpapua.co, for instance, you can learn about the traditional clothes that are used by Papuan.